DV Lottery 2013


DV 2013 Results.

DV 2013 results are now available from the US State Department web site starting from the month of May 2012. This web site allows all the participants to check their results online when the applicant do fill and submit the required fields correctly. Then and there they will be notified whether they are selected for the DV 2013 visa lottery program or not through the computer screen display.
The DV 2013 online result checking facility will be kept open for a period of one year from the date that was allowed to check.

Those who had been selected as winners under the green card lottery program DV 2013 only will get the notification along with their case number and further instructions in the official web site when they check their status online. KCC will do the name selection through the computer random draw and will handle all the other processing till the winners are called for the interview at their respective Embassies or ready to change their current US status to the U.S LPR status.
For the fiscal year 2013 program, there are 50,000 visas are available under this program although nearly 105,628 applicants were selected as dv2013 lottery winners and were asked to proceed with the wining for further processing, as all the selected people may not have the required eligibility and support in the USA, to get the American visas under the US visa lottery program.

The US Embassies or the US Consular offices don't have the DV-2013 visa lottery winners name list with them. Only KCC will have the DV-2013 greencard lottery winner information of those who are selected for further processing. So don't disturb the consular office and the Embassies to provide you the winners name lists.

The DV_2013 greencard lottery program which is usually conducted by the U.S Government, will allow those applicants to check their selection result in the US Government's Official web site only in the result checking period as the facility will be closed on the announced date. To check your result online you must have your confirmation code along with your personal information .If you have provide the confirmation number and other required correct information, then the web site will show you the result as whether you are selected for the greencard lottery program to process further or not. If there is any error in the confirmation code or other personal information the result will not be shown to the applicant.

If you get any DV Lottery winning notifications through postal mail, email, fax or by phone, verify the accuracy of it as there are plenty scammers, who are trying to cheat people to make money in the name of the US visa lottery.

Nepal and Albania post offices did collected all the Green card lottery winners' names and published them for the benefit of their country people till the DV 2011 program. The Green card lottery winner's photos will not be published in the web sites. So don't search for the name list or photos of the Green card lottery winners in the web sites. If you are sure that you are not selected for the USA DV-2013 greencard visa lottery program then prepare your self to apply for the next coming visa lottery DV 2014 Green card lottery for the fiscal year 2014 in the year 2012. Participating in the DV-2014 visa lottery program is free.

Sample Confirmation Number for the DV 2013 Visa Lottery Program: 20132BNOQS5M61EL
The selected winners will be provided with their case number which will look like this: 2013AS0005555
Take note that you don't need the control number to check your results.

DV 2014 Results.
DV 2014 Results will be available for the general public to check their online selection status from the month of May 2013. Those who had participated in the DV 2014 can feed their DV 2014 confirmation number and the other personal information of the primary applicant to view their selection results. If you are selected for the DV 2014 visa lottery program follow the instructions shown in the web page. If not selected check again in the month of October 2013. If then also not selected then apply for the next DV lottery program DV 2015 with out any fees to submit your entry.

This article was written by Mr. Mayer Raul. Immigration Consultant.
To contact: Raul @2013dvlottery.com